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Starting Out

At some point in time, we all "Start Out." We get our first "real" job, purchase our first car, or are eligible for our very own employee benefit plan. Getting married, buying a house, or that first child also represent new financial beginnings. Because these are big events, sometimes it helps to have a "second opinion" from someone objectively on the outside. Look to us for that. We are here to help you or your children with these critical decisions, all without judgement and with the most objectivity we can muster. We'll even share where we went wrong and what we wished others would have told us (if we were wise enough to listen!)

  • Understanding your company retirement plan (including getting the paperwork done)
  • Establishing your own retirement plan if your employer doesn't offer one
  • Getting your home and car insurance plan done well and right from the start (we refer this out to some very competent local people)
  • How much to save and how to establish a budget (we utilize some very cool apps and software for this)
  • Determining IF you need life insurance, and how much
  • Starting and funding a college savings plan for that precious new baby or grand baby

Check back to our website or ask to be on our mailing list for upcoming "Starting Out" workshops. These will be aimed at helping young people (or people young at heart) at establishing the basics. We will keep them light and fun with useful takeaways each time.