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Starting Out

At some point in time, we all “Start Out.” We get our first “real” job, purchase our first car on our own, are eligible for our very own employee benefit plan or we get married, purchase a house, and have a first child (maybe or maybe not in that order!) All of these “firsts” have a financial element to them, and knowing what to do and when can be overwhelming. Furthermore, while Mom and Dad may be the wisest counselors and know how best to guide and advise, they can also be the least regarded in the chorus of voices offering advice.

At Athena Financial Group, we have “Been There.” In addition to having “Been There,” we have made our share of mistakes, missteps and ill-timed decisions. We have screwed up, messed up, fallen down, and taken a wrong turn. BUT, we have lived to tell about it, and do so with humor and candor.  We are glad to offer help to our client's children if they want to open IRA’s, get guidance on insurance purchases or navigate employee benefit plans, such as 401k’s and 403b’s. We love to help. And we don’t charge for our time for anyone just starting out. It is our way of giving back.

And stay tuned…we plan to offer our very own “Starting Out” series of workshops, replete with user friendly, digitally-oriented advice. We want the younger set to begin to learn about finance in an engaging, non-stuffy environment but still have access to a real live human being.