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Why We Do What We Do

Life is complicated, but your personal finances don’t have to be. Often times, engaging a neutral third party to review your objectives, establish a plan, or just sort through things can alleviate confusion, bring clarity, and help you establish a path to success. At Athena Financial Group, we strive to put personal finance in every day terms and not overwhelm you with “lingo” and jargon. Charts and diagrams can paint a picture, but the everyday legal pad can tell a great story, too. Your “number” may be your “number” today, but almost immediately, things can change. And when they do, we want to be available to help with what that means, as simply and clearly as possible.

Whether you need to discuss the challenges of a spending plan, review your insurance policies, establish a savings goal or move into the weightier matters of a retirement savings or income plan, we can help. We can also provide guidance sorting through an inheritance and help you avoid a tax trap or receive a financial gift effectively. And, if you have arrived at the magical doorstep of retirement and need advice putting it all together, we do that too. It is our goal to help you make sense of your money and feel good about it.